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One Account

The One account Version is good if you only need to manage one account, plus it will help you to learn how to use the software.

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Five Accounts

The 5 account version allows you to manage 5 accounts, it is great for small business.

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Unlimited Accounts

Unlimited version is the best! Not only can you manage all your accounts, but also you can enjoy all supported sites. The software is frequently updated to add the latest functions.

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Using TubeAssistPro to Subscribe to
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New Updates in TubeAssistPro III

Add the Description of Tasks
When adding a task, you can add a description of it. Click Rename, and you can revise the description. When the mouse pointer rests on the name of the task, the description will show.
  • Set task description
  • Show description
Append" function in "Module Settings" interface
Append: add the sample template in the template editing interface and keep other templates
Use: use this sample task template and replace other template in the template editing interface;
  • Append
Recycle Bin
Deleted tasks are stored in it, and you can permanently delete or revert them. (They are stored up to 7 days and after 7 days they will be automatically permanently deleted.)
  • Recycle Bin
Custom Timing Feature
When clicking a task to run, you can click Schedule to switch to the timing feature, including running at the scheduled date, running at the scheduled date per day, running times and loop run.
  • Timing setting1
  • Timing setting2
  • Timing setting3
Custom debug/Chrome window size feature
The newly added custom debug/Chrome window size function allows you to adjust the size of the opened window based on your requirements. The default setting is: 800x600
  • window size feature
Newly Add the RandomExecution Feature
When executing the step, one of the features under the child node of this feature will be randomly selected to execute. The features of Account, Url, Text, Photo, Search and so on can''t be randomly selected.
  • Random Execution
Useful ConnectExecution Feature
Multiple tasks can be connected to be executed and multiple operations can be executed in one Debug window. Present tasks can be connected including like posts and comment on Facebook. In the future, more connect execution functions will be added.
  • Connect Execution1
  • Connect Execution2
  • Connect Execution3
  • Connect Execution4
More Interface Skins
Renew the interface skin and gain more interface skin selections.
  • More Interface Skins
Add the export function of Blacklist.
  • Add the export function of Blacklist

Proxy Support

If you want different accounts to work with different proxies, we can also support this function.

Main Functions

Select different version according to your needs
Functions Standard Ver. Live Ver. Ultimate Ver.

Like/Unlike Video

Like/unlike videos that are imported from file or searched by keywords.

Comment Video

Comment the searched/imported Video.

Reply Comments and Reply

Reply the comments and replies of searched videos base on keywords.

Send Private Message

Send Message to searched or imported people.

Follow People

Follow the searched or imported people's account.

Powerful Search

Search and filter video, channel, play list, movie, and program by keywords to get the data you need and use them in reply, comment, message, subscribe and follow etc...

Subscribe Channel

Subscribe imported or searched channel.

Video View

Play your video to increase the video views.

Live Video Search

Search live videos by keywords and filter settings.

Live Video Comment

Comment on searched and watched live videos.

Watch and comment on live video.

Avoid to comment on same videos.

Live video page refresh.

Run/Pause/Resume live video comment task at your own time.

Run schedule tasks.

Much more not listed here...

Lifetime Free Update

TubeAssistPro has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacBook with Windows VM; it's advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for optimal interface display due to the large amount of functionality.