TubeAssistPro IV
A YouTube Automation to Optimize Your channel


Join millions of youtubers optimizing your channels for increased views, watch hours, subscribers,likes, comments and for clicking Youtube ads with TubeAssistPro to earn faster.

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The Advanced AI-Based YouTube Marketing Tool


Our suite of tools will help you use ChatGPT to generate video comment text for automatic reply comments, AI generates a large number of email addresses and passwords, and then help you create a large number of YouTube accounts, and automatically create YouTube channels.


The software searches for your target customers or subscribers through keywords; AI generates text to promote your video; and automatically subscribes to other users, thereby increasing your video exposure. In this way, you can obtain a large amount of real and unrestricted traffic.


The software can control many YouTube accounts to upload videos to your channel in batches at the same time, and it is very intelligent and runs directly in the background. You can do other things at the same time, and the software can detect the upload status of each account.

Get YouTube Referred Traffic from External Sites or Apps.

Youtube will analyze the proportion of your total traffic, and it may from external, youtube search, playlist, and so on. TubeAssistPro will search for a keyword in various search engines or apps and selects a result to help you get traffic. You just need to input your YouTube links, and the TubeAssistPro will search from Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo,Instagram, and you can also set the sites you want.

Mobile Devices Version

New Mobile YouTube App Bot
100% Safe New Browser Fingerprint

Android emulator technology is used to get mobile YouTube views, subscribers, likes, comments on many mobile devices automatically in a very short time. If you want to buy the mobile version or know more about it, please contact us.

Sharing Your Video Content With Relevant Users

One of the ways that you can do this is by searching for a keyword related to your video, and TubeAssistPro will find the people who are interested to the videos, then you can send them a message with your video, comment/reply their comments/reply with your message, etc... In this way, your video or channel can increase exposure. thereby attracting more people.

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KeyWord to Subscribe to Relevant Channels & Users

Like with many other social networks, a great way to increase your likes/subscribers is to subscribe to other users. This is where TubeAssistPro comes in. TubeAssistPro allows you to search for other YouTube channels and users that produce content relevant to a specific keyword. You can then subscribe the relevant YouTube channel and get subscription back.

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Increase Channel's Comments/Likes/ Watch Time Faster

In addition to sharing your own channels and videos to related users, TubeAssistPro can also quickly increase your views, likes, subscribers,Comments/ /Likes/ Watch Time. Put your video links or keywords in TubeAssistPro, and it can run a large number of accounts to watch your video. So as to quickly grow your views, likes, watch hours and subscribers.

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Get Instant Attention and Targeted Traffic From Live Videos.

TubeAssistPro allows you to search and watch youtube live videos base on the keywords you set, then you can leave your message or comment there, you will get instant traffic using this function. And by using the powerful videos filter features, you will always find the targeted people and drive them to your videos or pages.

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Increase YouTube ads views and automatically click on ads

TubeAssistPro can help you generate effective clicks in your YouTueb Ads and view your ads to monetize. One method is that TubeAssistPro will share your video with relevant people according to your keywords, so as to get more views and clicks. Another method is that tube will automatically capture a batch of youtube accounts and automatically click on your ads.

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TubeAssistPro has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and MacBook with Windows VM; it's advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for optimal interface display due to the large amount of functionality.

Powerful Account Manager

The Account Manager makes it easy to save your accounts by category or campaign, you can see all the important details of the accounts in one table - very clear! When you select accounts to run a task, you can select either one category or multi-category accounts to run the task, this will help you to manage your campaign accounts very well. The main functions in the account manager form are: add account category, add account, import accounts, export accounts, delete accounts, check the details of selected accounts, bind proxy with account, set usage limit of every account for every function in certain time.

Versatile Custom Settings

The template for setting tasks can be customized, including arbitrary selection of accounts, playing without logging in, playing time of each video, whether to skip ads, page browsing time, playing times of each account, etc. The custom setting template is simple and clear, and any task will be anthropomorphic according to your settings. This setting is to make the task run like a human being, and increase your views, subscribers, etc. more safely.


Our software approaches browser fingerprinting in a completely indigenous way. Instead of trying to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, our software allows reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one. When you use a proxy IP, our software is fully different from other software that only add a proxy to your browser to work, our software will set the timezone, language, DNS and location, etc... is matched to your proxy IP, which will make you look like a real person from the proxy IP. Our software can also generate different device fingerprints and bind different fingerprints with your accounts. Once the account is bind with proxy IP, device fingerprint, and other settings, the account will use these settings all the time with all operations. That is why you can use our software to manage and operate many accounts with different proxies safely.

SMM Panel Integration

Connecting TubeAssistPro with your SMM Panel to take orders.

If you own a SMM panel, you may need such tool to fill orders automatically.Once you got orders, it will redirect to TubeAssistPro and auto run certain tasks. For example, someone ordered 1000 views from your panel, then TubeAssistPro will receive the requests and fill orders automatically. Below are the most requested orders. 1)Youtube subs, views, likes, comments likes, comment , community likes, dislikes, community comments etc. 2)Facebook page likes, followers, post likes , comment , page review, video views, Live stream views , comment likes, post reacts etc. 3)Instagram follower, views, likes, DM, story views etc. 4)Twitter followers , retweet , likes, video views, live stream views etc. 5)Tiktok views, likes, comment

Proxy Support

If you want different accounts to work with different proxies, we can also support this function.